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A Message From our President

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my company, Ecologistics Research Services. We are a contract research company serving various agricultural and environment companies as well as the public sector.
The company is recognized by the Standards Council of Canada as a "GLP Compliant Facility". This recognition allows us to conduct Soil Dissipation studies and Magnitude of Residue studies under the guidelines of Good Laboratory Practices, (GLP). These studies are used to support new crop protection product registrations.
We also conduct efficacy studies, variety screenings, crop tolerance studies, demonstration sites, as well as biomonitoring and water quality work. These studies are conducted on our own site, as well as various sites around the province.
The bulk of our work is perfomed for seed and crop protection companies. A small but growing sector has been monitoring crop damage levels on sites such as pipeline right of ways to provide an independent source of information allowing the farmers and pipeline companies to settle disputes.
We have conducted work in all major commercial, vegetable and fruit crops in the province with the exception of ginseng. We are located 10 minutes northeast of the City of London, in a diverse agricultural area of Zone 5 that supports many vegetable crops as well as cash crops, dairy, hogs and beef.
We have a complete line of small plot equipment including but not limited to, orchard airblast sprayer, JD 7000 small plot planter, crop dryers, con seeder, small plot CO2 sprayers, 3 pt hitch sprayer, mobile sampling trailer, generator, freezers, small plot combine, bundle thresher, scales and field computers.
In conclusion, I would offer our services to you in the event that you need to contract out any field work and I would welcome the opportunity to make a presentation to your company, or to provide you with a tour of our facility.

Brian J Kerr
Ecologistics Research Services
21599 Cherry Hill Road
Thorndale, Ontario
N0M 2P0
e-mail: bkerr@ecologistics.com

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