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Field Plot Equipment

Ecologistics Research Services has a large fleet of plot equipment covering all situations. Two John Deere tractors provide reliable and reproducible mounting for our spray booms and cone seeder units.Two stationary threshers and two custom plot combines, including a modified Gleaner combine with automatic weighing, moisture and data logging, handle our harvest needs. Ecologistics also has a wide variety of custom-built equipment, including a co2 powered air-blast sprayer, and a powerboat for water and sediment sampling. Rest assured, whatever your study requirements, we have the equipment to do the job!

Equipment Description and purpose
John Deere 790 2000 Model year, 4 WD 30HP compact tractor for spraying, cultivation etc
John Deere 5210 2000 Model year, 2 WD 53 HP Utility Tractor for Soil Sampling, spraying, tillage, irrigation, mowing etc. Equipped with Trimble GPS/Autosteer 1.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy
Gleaner K2 Combine Combine with small plot harvesting modifications and Almaco data collection and logging system
Kincaid Small plot Combine Small plot combine for small seeded crops and beans
Kincaid Cone Planter 4 Row Precision Seeder for all types of seed
John Deere 7000 2 Row Cone Planter
Great Plains Cone Seeder Drill to seed small seeded trials on 7" and 14" rows
Kubota Tiller 50" 3 PTH tiller for seed bed preparation/crop
Mantis Tiller Mini rototiller for in plot cultivation
S Tine Cultivators 60" & 120" cultivator for soil prep
60" 3 PTH Discs Tractor mounted discs for plot preparation/crop destruct
96" trail type Discs Trail type discs for land preparation and crop destruction
Wilspray Airblast Sprayer Customized 15 liter small plot airblast sprayer
Irrigation Systems Pumps, pipe, hoses, tanks, sprinklers, and drip systems
Cadman Traveller Small irrigation traveller - up to 5 acres/day
Decloet Herb Dryer Used for precision drying of corn, herbs, chopped plants
Tunnel Dryer Small dryer for overnight drying of small samples
Lab Oven Lab oven for drying small samples, and moisture determinations
Farmi Moisture Tester Grain Moisture tester
CO2 sprayers Small plot sprayers 2,3,4 m booms, both tractor mounted and hand held. Tractor mount unit with hydraulic agitation system
Chemical Storage Room Climate controlled Storage for Test Items and adjuvants, with dedicated fume hood for dispensing Test Items.
Gas Pressure washer Pressure washer and water tank for infield cleaning of equipment
20' Trailer 12,000lb trailer for transport of tractors and field equipment
10' Enclosed Trailer Enclosed trailer for transport of smaller equipment, freezers
3/4 ton 4WD Trucks (2) Equipment Haulers
1/2 ton 4 WDTruck Heavy duty towing package, equipment hauling & transport
Lab Scales 150g, 1200g, 2000g, 5000g, 6000g, & 50 kg scales
Generator 15/25 KW generator for standby facility power
Portable Generators 5.6 KW portable generator for infield power and for use with mobile sample freezers
Microscope In lab use for pest counting and identification
GPS Systems
Sample Storage Walk In Freezer and 4 chest freezers for sample storage. Temperatures monitored by data loggers and min/max thermometers

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